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2019-10-04 Posted by Antoine F


2019-10-04 Posted by Antoine F


2019-10-04 Posted by Antoine F

New to Forra Dive Resort Pattaya beach!
3 deluxe wooden family bungalows with sea view: One beach front family bungalow, one two storeys family sea view bungalow overlooking the beach and one extra large, family bungalow with sea side view.
For more info, check our website section: Deluxe family bungalows.

- Sunrise Beach -

Forra Dive Resort is located on the Northern end of Sunrise beach, next to Lipe Beach Resort and the traditional Sea Gypsies village. It is comprised of 18 bungalows built and disposed in circle around our central garden lounge resto area with wifi. It creates a real chilled out atmosphere where people can relax, read, work, spend time alone or with others and order food or a drink. This common area is surrounded by trees and plants and is all built with wood. the resort is situated 100 meters from the beach.
Right on the beach, we have our big club house with the dive centre and our beach lounge resto bar. The view on the big island of Koh Adang is amazing. The island is 700 meters high and is covered in tropical primary and secondary rain forest. You can rent snorkeling equipment and sea kayaks from us and explore the best snorkeling site off Koh Lipe: Koh Kla which is just 200 meters away!

- Pattaya Beach -

We just opened our new wooden beach front fan family bungalow on our portion of Pattaya beach. This 50 m2 bungalow boasts 2 rooms, one bathroom with hot water, and a beautiful terrace with an amazing sea view. The main room has a big double glass sliding door and two windows with beach and sea views...

Forra Dive Resort is situated on the Western end of Pattaya Bay which is the quietest and most beautiful part of Pattaya Bay. It is comprised of 15 bungalows similar to the ones on Sunrise Beach. We have also garden and family bungalows on that side. The first three bungalows have a partial sea view as we have 17 meters on the beach. We have a beautiful tropical garden and big trees in between the bungalows.
Right on the beach, we have our beautiful wooden club house with the dive centre, the deco bar and the excellent Italian restaurant "Kioskino" famous for its home made fresh pasta and much more...
We are very proud of our natural resort which is one of the last chilled out place on Pattaya Beach.
You can rent snorkeling equipment and sea kayaks and explore the Southwestern part of Pattaya Bay's Reef...

During the peak season ( 20th of Dec - 5th of March ), we only accept reservations via our website for divers or people wanting to try or take a scuba diving course. The minimum amount dedicated to scuba dive is 3500 Bahts! ( non-refundable in case of non-diving! )

During the high season, there is a 25% discount on the room on the days you dive with us!
Free nights in our bungalows the days you go diving (Valid from 16th of May to the 15th of October).

Forra Dive Resort has two locations on the island:
Forra Dive Resort at Sunrise Beach and Forra Dive Resort at Pattaya Beach

Bungalows on both sides are built from bamboo and natural materials by craft men from Northern Thailand. The two resorts have been designed to take consideration of the natural environment and the bungalows are surrounded by a beautiful tropical lush garden.

Bungalows are similar on both locations. All bungalows are big bamboo fan bungalows with spacious attached bathroom and large terrace with hammock. There is 24 hours electricity but no air con! Bamboo panels are famous to let air pass through and therefore, it creates a natural ventilation that can be enhanced by a fan. Each bungalow has three large windows and a double door.

We have two types of bungalows:
- Garden bungalows for two people with a large double bed with mosquito net and fan.
- Family bungalows for four people. They have on top the double bed a mezzanine with an extra double mattress, mosquito net and fan. There is an extra window on the mezzanine. These family bungalows can sleep up to four people and sometimes we accept to add an extra single mattress on the floor with mosquito net to accommodate a fifth person.

All bungalows have a spacious tiled bathroom, with a bathroom sink, toilets and an open air shower. The advantage is that the bathrooms are fresh, light and perfect for tropical living. There is hot water in Forra Dive Resort Sunrise but not in Forra Dive Resort Pattaya.


Total (2 to 5 P) 40 m²! Room 5m X 4m = 20m² Bathroom 5m X 2m = 10m² Terrace 5m X 2m = 10m²
low medium high
700,00 THB 1 200,00 THB 2 000,00 THB
1 200,00 THB 1 800,00 THB 2 400,00 THB


Total (2 P) 32 m²! Room 4m X 4m = 16m² Bathroom 2m X 4m = 8m² Terrace 2m X 4m = 8m²
low medium high
600,00 THB 1 000,00 THB 1 600,00 THB
1 000,00 THB 1 400,00 THB 2 000,00 THB

Some garden bungalows have a mezzanine with an extra single or double bed and can sleep up to 5 people.
Rates are for 2 people. We charge 200 THB for every extra person. Maximum 5 people.


MAY 16th


Free bungalow the days you go diving!
(Valid from 15th of May until the 15th of October)